Serie: Drei Schätze

Drei Schätze is a series pilot that was designed and produced in cooperation with the master class Film & TV at the FH St. Pölten. Together with my colleague Magdalena Müller, my task was to do the set sound, the sound design and the final mix. The project was very exciting, as it provided insights into many areas. At the same time it was a possibility to be able to influence the sound from the beginning to the end.

The episode lasts about 22 minutes and is both drama and comedy. The sound mixing was done in Dolby Atmos, while 7.1.2, 5.1 and stereo versions were exported for various purposes.

Due to COVID-19, the project was put on hold in mid-March 2020, as studio access was no longer possible. At the beginning of June 2020 it was resumed and the sound was completed. The project is currently in video post-production and will probably premiere in autumn 2020.


  • August 2019 – Juni 2020